As in any other domain, energy systems without information and communication technologies would be unimaginable today

IT is a key enabler for replacing fossil-based power generation with renewables. It helps to make energy consumption processes in industry more efficient . And it helps to efficiently run our electric power grids. Nevertheless, the original designers of our continent-spanning power system did have no microprocessors, glass fibers, satellite communication, or time synchronization available. Consequently, technical communication in the power transmission system is organized using a physical broadcast parameter: the grid frequency. Balancing supply and demand in any time instance is done based on power-frequency droop control, essentially a distributed proportional control architecture based on the grid frequency as controlled variable.

Nevertheless, for planning, operation and analysis of power systems, the use of IT systems is ever increasing. The main application areas of ICT in power systems today are energy tariffing and trading, grid planning, automation and control, grid integration of renewables and electric mobility, energy management, electrical protection, cyber security and many data-based applications such as (predictive) maintenance. In all these areas significant research and development efforts are taking place.

IT in a magnitude of shapes is a clear enabler for energy efficiency and the shift towards renewable sources of energy.

Key statements and trends

  • Greater Decentralisation & Decarbonisation Focus
    in the Commercial and Industrial Space
  • Virtual Power Plants
    Increasing the Bedrock of Decentralisation
  • The Rise of Energy Services
    Gone are the days of regarding electricity as a commodity
  • More M&A Activity
    in the Digital Grids Space
  • Embrace of the Power Sector
    by Oil & Gas to Continue
  • CCUS
    Carbon capture, utilisation and storage

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